Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say One Thing, Do Another

I know the last post I wrote stated that I was going to make new stuff for my Party Collection...I lied LOL.
Remodeled my studio (new post of that soon) and I have been doing some orders. But all and all nothing out of the ordinary so, basically I'm telling you I have been lazy and not keeping up with my blog or my shop (new things that is). Here is a photo of 60+ paper roses I made for a customer. I also made 5" roses and forgot to take a pic of them (I could shoot myself for that one).


NeverTooOld said...

No don't shoot urself!! If they are anything like the ones pictured, wowsa! Love em! Love the new avi too. Not only are you creative you're a dang good photographer, you rock and tanks for sharing!

Rachel W K said...

Wow~! Those must have taken some time to finish! They look amazing, and very real

AbunchofScrap said...

Thanks Dave and Rachel. It didn't take me to long but my fingers really hurt after I was finished. What we do for money LOL