Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clearing out and MOVING

Hi guys :)

I am moving all of my stamps out of my main Etsy shop. Once they are expired or sold I will not be relisting them. I have created a new Etsy shop called TheLADYandtheSTAMPS. Yes, another shop! Like I don't have enough shops out there....never enough just not enough time to post and check in LOL. So, come visit my new stamp shop, if you are wondering where all the stamps went but, also don't forget I will always have the AbunchofScrap shop.


I reached 300 sales in my Etsy Shop this last month. Yes, I know I should have posted something about it sooner (my bad). Here are my lucky winners. Like, Sheen would say: "Winning"

1st place winner: MotherJuju
2nd place winner: CapturedStarlight
3rd place winner: LynnetteJewelry

I used to select the winners. I hope to have another contest soon. Lets see if I make another milestone with this shop soon so, that all of the non winners get another chance to win fabulous things.

Congratulations ladies for being supportive customers! I hope that you guys enjoy all the lovely things you picked up. Look forward to having you come visit my shop again.