Friday, March 18, 2011

Give Away!!!

Ok It's been awhile since I have given anything away. So, to all of my customers I am having a give away. Rules are pretty straight forward.


****To qualify for the drawing you must buy or have bought from my ETSY shop since I have been opened.
****Drawing will be held once my shop hits 300 Sales (this could be within the week or a year from now      LOL)
****There will be a 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, and a 3rd place winner (I will post the winners on my blog, tweet it, and email each winner).
****All customers will be entered once besides those who buy from this date until I reach 300 will be entered twice if they have already bought from me. Ok, ok I will put two enteries if it is a new customer who buys more than one item (making this drawing far and all). Maximum entries total 2.
****Winners have 2 weeks to pick up their prize(s) from the time I annouce the winners.
****Winners must pay for prizes and will be refunded the full amount (even shipping) via PayPal. If you do not have funds at the time, email me and I will give you a code to pick up the items.


****1st Place winner will receive a $25 spending spree for anything in my shop and grab bag surprise worth up to $10 additional. Shipped for free.

****2nd Place winner will receive a $15 spending spree for anything in my shop and a grab bag surprise included in the order worth $5. Items will be shipped for free.

****3rd Place winner will receive a $5 spending spree for anything in my shop and free shipping for the item(s).

I wish you all luck and happy shopping :)


tweetey30 said...

Great idea. i have always had a hard time just giving things away though.. lol.. i am a horrible person sometimes with my crafting unless its for someone i know and a gift for that someone..

AbunchofScrap said...

Tweetey30 I have way way to much of it in my shop so, I need to share the love I guess because, I know that I won't ever be able to not craft. But at the rate my shop is selling right now it doesn't look like I will be hitting that magic number anytime soon.

tweetey30 said...

I am sorry to hear that. I havent made any recent sales either.. I made two last month I believe or was it January?? I dont remember.. Just trying to deal with the snow and making ends meet lately.. Life has been tough here for us since I was layed off for two weeks and now its snowing again and they shut the plant down for two days for outdoor clean up.. 15 inches of snow.. Yuckie.

AbunchofScrap said...

I am only 6 sales away until I reach 300. This was a slow goal. It took longer than I thought. I look forward to having the contest so it is off my mind and 3 lovely peeps get some wonderful things in my shop.

Cross your fingers...oh and by the way if you haven't bought anything you best enter this giveaway so you have at least a chance.