Friday, March 18, 2011

Give Away!!!

Ok It's been awhile since I have given anything away. So, to all of my customers I am having a give away. Rules are pretty straight forward.


****To qualify for the drawing you must buy or have bought from my ETSY shop since I have been opened.
****Drawing will be held once my shop hits 300 Sales (this could be within the week or a year from now      LOL)
****There will be a 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, and a 3rd place winner (I will post the winners on my blog, tweet it, and email each winner).
****All customers will be entered once besides those who buy from this date until I reach 300 will be entered twice if they have already bought from me. Ok, ok I will put two enteries if it is a new customer who buys more than one item (making this drawing far and all). Maximum entries total 2.
****Winners have 2 weeks to pick up their prize(s) from the time I annouce the winners.
****Winners must pay for prizes and will be refunded the full amount (even shipping) via PayPal. If you do not have funds at the time, email me and I will give you a code to pick up the items.


****1st Place winner will receive a $25 spending spree for anything in my shop and grab bag surprise worth up to $10 additional. Shipped for free.

****2nd Place winner will receive a $15 spending spree for anything in my shop and a grab bag surprise included in the order worth $5. Items will be shipped for free.

****3rd Place winner will receive a $5 spending spree for anything in my shop and free shipping for the item(s).

I wish you all luck and happy shopping :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say One Thing, Do Another

I know the last post I wrote stated that I was going to make new stuff for my Party Collection...I lied LOL.
Remodeled my studio (new post of that soon) and I have been doing some orders. But all and all nothing out of the ordinary so, basically I'm telling you I have been lazy and not keeping up with my blog or my shop (new things that is). Here is a photo of 60+ paper roses I made for a customer. I also made 5" roses and forgot to take a pic of them (I could shoot myself for that one).