Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flower Cuff

Making a few new items for my shop. I still need to make more things to create a new shop for my bridal items but I think I might just list this in my main shop while I work on some other things. Why sit on products if I can perhaps sell them.

What I used:

Chiffon fabric
clear jewelry stretch thread
Metal base
metal crimp covers

4 comments: said...

Beautiful. They are amazing. I havent made anything new for my shop in ages. I havent made any sales either so I dont see the point really. Its hard right now. I have been busy with school since December and now I am not working I am working on my Zibbet shop.

NeverTooOld said...

Beautiful as always and the Flower Cuff's aren't all that bad either! LOL. Hope you and yours are well and that you're off to a great spring season. Wonderful Wednesday 2 ya!!

AbunchofScrap said...

Wow I'm really glad to hear from both of you. I am glad to see that you guys check in on my blog (even though I am not the greatest blogger).

Thank you for your lovely comments. It does mean a whole bunch to me that it comes from my friends at Etsy :)

Peace, Love and lots of best wishes

Out on a limb said...

Super pretty!
This would be great for a wedding.