Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm all Steampunked

I have always love the punk in people. The alternative to what is the norm. Now that the World has changed and we are more conscious of the Eco system and our planet many rethink what may become of this wonderful green waterious planet if we abuse it. Those images are awe inspiring to see (in movies). Fantasy Si-Fi movies have created STEAMPUNK and the way things might be. The old with the new. This is good...but I'm just thankful that it's not reality. I have created a collection of steampunk cards because I want to express my punkness without wearing skin tight leather and dying my hair pink. So here is my interpretation of adding a bit of Steam to my Punk.

                                                 My very first attempt in making a steampunk card


Gearing up to make a statement

The key to TIME


Sandy Ang said...

Such fun cards. Gears and watchfaces are so reminiscent of the steampunk era. Happy new year !

AbunchofScrap said...

Oh I'm so thrilled that someone commented on my new steampunk cards. Thanks a whole bunch!