Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm on Artfire!

ArtFire – Buy Handmade Unique Gifts, vintage, craft supplies and more!

I needed to expand my shop. I thought that one shop would be good enough for my business but, I have to stop thinking small. Think big and perhaps you will make it BIG. I am hoping this will help increase my business and open up new doors to success.

My goal is to stop dreaming and make it a reality; a home base business I can call a real income.


AbunchofScrap said...

I’m a bit impatient. It has been 3 days since I joined Artfire and I have not gotten one sale :( I don’t like waiting for people to take a look but, I don’t want to start spamming everyone.

AbunchofScrap said...

Where is the boyscout? Someone please start the fire under my Artfire account...still no sales...WTH

NeverTooOld said...

tisk, tisk, tisk, not a single word about you being a blogger, well i'm stalkin, er uh following you now, lol!


AbunchofScrap said...

I'm so HAPPY I made 2 sales this weekend. Thought that I would never have a sale here on Artfire. Hope that my next sale won't take as long.